Google introduce new 'G' Board


Google introduce new 'G' Board 

Silicon Valley: Google has supported the 'No Board', which was presented in more than 120 languages and typing in the Web Searching and sharing app for smartphones android.

Well before the board, called 'Google keyboard, was introduced to Apple in May 2016....

For example, it is also possible to type in languages more than 120 of the world (in Urdu). However, the user will need to activate your desired language, is almost the same as a desktop operating system....

He will write you just to name a Emoji when present in Emoji than GIF search facility to share them directly chatting in Search Results and live the Board shall find relevant aymujyz itself select your favorite emoji and you can share with your friends....

The GIF-sharing capability is currently only Google Messenger, which is limited to the Yellow and hang out preparations to expand to other apps.

Play faster speed and better screen typing for the 'Glide typing' feature has been placed under which you need to remove the finger from the screen during the typing, but other than that humor onscreen finger Character will be enough to take it.

Google Play Store that was launched when the law has so far been installed on board more than 10 million smartphones in just three days.


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