Google has offered to smartphone sales than iPhone...


Google has offered to smartphone sales than iPhone...

San Francisco: a company's Internet search engine Google faxed formally introduced its first iPhone in the smartphone ayndruyyd which has been dubbed the "megapixel".

Two models have been released from the pixel and pixel x L in the screen size and resolution. X L pixel screen size is 5.5 inches, while the pixel 5-inch screen displays 1080. Both phones HTC mobile company but Google has prepared the design and innovation of their work is done.

Megapixel phone Both models run on Snapdragon 821 processor and support for Google's dream of virtual reality platform that Google has already announced. The pixel is the world's first phone that runs Google's voice assistant and under.
Modern camera

Though 360 there are rumors of special features, but the pixel and pixel x L back camera has a pixel 1.55 microns, which is a 12.3 megapixel and Google says it's the only camera which captures lowest in Time world. It is in the quiet jayruaskup to smooth video frame by camera shake.

Another important feature is the facility of unlimited cloud storage for video and photos in the Organizer. The ayndruyd Updates will automatically receive you. Just walk up to 7 hours and 15 minutes jarcng phone software is being provided pixel 24-hour phone support through software. Pixel pixel x L battery is 3,450 mAh and 2,770 respectively. The four GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.2 and the 32 and 128 GB of storage.

Daydream VR headset cost for virtual reality experiences are $ 80, which can be used for Google pixel. Pixel pixel in various configurations ranging from an L value of 75 thousand to 87 per thousand and is available in three colors.


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