Google Doodle printed in exciting game...


Google Doodle printed in exciting game...

Have you seen Google's main search page today? If so, there used an interesting feature hidden in the doodles?

If not immediately, because we have printed a very interesting game of the Western holiday Halloween in Google's new doodle.

Yes This game is so interesting that you may not even play it around the senses.

It is getting rid of a cat ghosts using a magic wand in the school, which is named Kate Magic Academy.

The Google Blog is made up doodle inspired by a real cat Momo.

Post said the "game's original concept was about a magical cat who makes good soup that the dead are alive, they are, however, Halloween is quite funny to add to the soup if it's a Magic School the change in perception.

The post such interesting characters and opens for us the door of themes.

To play the game click on the link and make sure the play but after that you have to do no work.


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