Google App seconds to scan old photos


Google App seconds to scan old photos

If you own childhood, childhood and youth are the images are taken from old-style cameras will be used to wash and set up the print memorable images of the majority of the album placed in a safe part of the house.

If this is the online Bring the needed scanner for this, but the device works too slowly and too much time required to scan a few dozen photos, the Google does not.

Yes, Google Print through which introduced a new app photos (the old camera photos) can be converted into digital HD photos.

Tuesday night introduced its Google Photos app called Scan that scans any image in just seconds.

This app is available for iOS and Android (Android 5.0 or above) and it is really a great and useful app seems to work especially hard to believe this.

How to use the app:

The scanned image might want to call him, is now in the picture frame or the like can be scanned.

This app Photos foot frame and clicking the shutter button.

4 white dot will appear on the image, rotate around their points until your phone as long as they do not blur the image to be (like blue).

After that, the app can crop and rotate the image, you can add it to your Google Photos library of photos or your phone.


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