First asgardia 'space to create the plan....


First asgardia 'space to create the plan....

This is a concept that seems taken from science fiction, but it could soon turn into reality. This account "space nations" means "space people". 'Space people' refers to ownership and will create a new framework under which a national space program. The idea of ​​an international group of scientists has presented.

A few days ago, the group announced that the space next year, the foundation will be laid by sending a satellite into space. Space scientists have called people Asgardia. Initially, the number of people in the nation will be restricted to one million. You may also sign up to the individual if they want to be called Asgardia site.

The spirit of this strange project Aerospace International Research Center founder Dr. Uighur asurbyly scientists who are leading Russian science and entrepreneur. Details of the project were the last days of the conference in Paris. 'Space people will create new shield to protect mankind in the early stage of formation.

The shield will protect the natural and human threats 'revealed' life on Earth from space. These risks include inactive satellites, space rockets pieces of space garbage, etc., solar storms, and the dangers of asteroids collide with Earth.

More than twenty thousand useless human-made satellite into space, include old spacecraft, rockets and space vehicles. Float around the heavenly bodies in outer surface can also lead to a moment of danger for the life found on Earth. For example, falling into a Russian town in 2013 was rough stone meteorite lashes. The incident was over eleven hundred people were injured and a pile of debris nearly four thousand houses and buildings.

The daktraygur asurbyly This project consists of three parts, philosophical, legal and scientific. After the start of the project, Dr. Uighurs also plan to create the nation was Asgardia the regular UN member.

After the implementation of the first phase of the project next year, the scientists hope that science (satellite launch), the project will move forward rapidly. Scientists and science involved in the project and Director of Rice University Space Center in Houston, because the satellite will be limited to the lower Earth orbit, according to Professor David Alexander lower orbit by easily accessible and great future That will orbit space war between the powers.


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