FBI to break "the iPhone code


FBI to break "the iPhone code

San Bernardino: US investigative agency signed with a company of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the Florida city of San Bernardino to 'decode the Invaders iPhone attack the regional center the agreement should contain 100 pages of censored documents.

It did not release the documents that the FBI has received the services to open the iPhone or break 'the' lock and there are so many costs.

US News fulfillment of obligations' py'ky According to Associated Press reports, records media agencies, media and USF vice Today the parent company gynyt B were issued in cases to come.

Media outlets had tried to find out at the FBI in September last year that it had secured the services to get the data from the phone involved Syed Rizwan Farooq San brnadynu attack much money.

The Syed Rizwan Farooq was attacked along with his wife in the San Bernardino City Florida in December 2015 and killed 14 people.

During the preliminary investigation of the case is too long FBI was this stance that the attackers phone data access can only mobile phone manufacturer Apple 'because the attacker has a secret code on the phone , but the FBI has opened an unknown phone secret code to third-party or broken.

FBI report in the information censored turn that it is known to be the iPhone's secret code open or secured many of the services, the FBI spent much money to break her phone how open .

According to FBI documents were confidential legal contract with the phone open or break it performs.

Documentation suggests that mobile phones are locked in for the FBI at least was at least three times contacted by the companies wishing to develop special device, but any company that delivered them I can not offer any solution.

FBI documents show that the FBI may also pose threats to national security from disclosure requirements that have not even been widely bids in this regard because it feared.

Sources to get the information to the FBI in the case made by the media organizations have been challenged and argued that any work to hide information to the FBI does not have legitimacy.

Want to media organizations took a stand on public know whether the phone 'unlocked' to be appropriate measures to protect, he is eligible to receive money from the government and they only work for the public interest is.

FBI records show that he can do to stand out from the records of the phone was compiled for law enforcement and obtain access to records.

The FBI also said that two attackers were killed in the incident and no evidence of any involvement.

The San Bernardino that occurred during the incident in December 2015 Center for Persons with Disabilities, in which 14 people were killed and 17 injured.

After the attack, the San Bernardino Police Chief Syed Rizwan Farooq said the attacker was a US citizen, was killed by police after Syed Farooq and operation of a woman, who was later identified as Rizwan Farooq's wife.

The FBI has not found any evidence of Rizwan Farooq said in a statement Tashfin from organized terrorist group.

Rizwan Farooq FBI to decode the iPhone was trying to get the data, the case in a US court was asked to decode the mobile phone Apple.

Apple refused to give the order of the court the FBI access to data Rizwan Farooq's cell phone.


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