Facebook Video still run on TV...


Facebook Video still run on TV...

You will see videos of YouTube to be the first to book the same mind that you would like to see on television playing videos on your smartphone or desktop computer?

If so, Facebook has introduced an exciting feature for you.

Facebook said this, which recently issued a statement saying, "We focus on making the experience of videos according to our customers choice and asked to provide different options in this regard, we .

This is why Facebook has provided optimal viewing videos or Web version for smartphones running the option to run videos on TV.

According to Facebook through devices such as the Apple TV or Google Chrome Cast you can enjoy watching your favorite videos on the big screen.

Facebook videos to watch on TV the following method.

Find the video on your phone or desktop you want and then open it by clicking the symbol in the top left corner of the TV.

The device can then choose to stream the video to the TV.

Facebook now video on the TV.

Facebook video will have no effect on the video stream from which you can go back to scrolling news feed to watch on TV.

Similarly, you can run this place more video.


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