Facebook Introduces Secret Chat role...


Facebook Introduces Secret Chat role...

California: Facebook will offer a few months ago announced that he supported the text messages to automatically delete messages in Messenger and more secure, you can use Facebook Messenger worldwide.

Private Chat Now you can not reach. Secret Facebook Conversation This option has already been tested for several months and is now offered to consumers. The conversation is strictly confidential until both sides can governments do not even see it.

It has also added a timer that tells when the message is to finish 10 seconds or can be set to 20 seconds or longer. Such is the message disappears whole series of them.
This option exists in the present snap chat is also very important to the users, message encryption 
using Apple products.

'Secret Conversation easy way is this:

Tap the Facebook Messenger was impressive. Is sending the message list select it and then choose the timer message.

Facebook spokesman says we are offering the option of one-to-one confidential conversation and can be viewed on the device used by your friends. Facebook Messenger turns lock messages between you and your friend.


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