Facebook instead use this app?...


Facebook instead use this app?...

Facebook is afraid of the app they are interesting filters chat feature which snap into your face ever Rainbow Flower prnsz or dripping.

So far, this feature works only in front of the camera and work on faces, but now the company has an update that will blow up all the other apps.

IOS and Android Snap chat users has great graphics were introduced for a backup camera and now faces instead there could be anything strange around her.

This feature is called the World lenses and when it is triggered when you click any object on the screen by running back camera.

The 7 options is the Rainbow storm clouds are comprised of the three choices for American consumers.

But with this you can use in the Rear camera filters faces and this way you can turn your friend or loved Flower prnsz or deer.

Chat snap effects, according to which will soon be offered for sale to the better things in aspyktlz round glasses to be able to share your video clips recorded by the app.

However, you may also enjoy it on your smartphone just have to update your snap chat app.

And of course this feature Facebook is also trying to reduce the different features quickly rival the popularity of the app as a part of your snap chat apps which can end up in trouble.


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