Facebook founder loss of $ 3 billion in a day


Facebook founder loss of $ 3 billion in a day

California: the world's leading social networking site Facebook founder Mark mentioning Petersburg suffered a loss of $ 3 billion a day.

In stock market history, the biggest loss since going a day to an investor.

American television CNN reported that Facebook (FB, Tech was significantly reduced to 5.5 percent in shares, 30) as the company's Chief Financial Officer statement, Facebook's revenue from advertising the significant decrease is expected.

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Brick mentioning is the owner of about 41 million to 80 million shares of Facebook were worth about $ 50.2 billion.

Bloom, according to Bloomberg estimates Zuckerberg worth a total of $ 52.2 billion and assets are calculated from the fifth richest man in the world.

Despite the decline in shares prices have increased by $ 6.4 billion in total assets, which resulted Mark mentioning Burke has risen by 15% this year, Facebook shares.


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