Facebook cheaper and faster Internet Supply Project


Facebook cheaper and faster Internet Supply Project

The industry's data center devices Facebook has now made $ 500 billion telecom equipment market to target.

Details of the projects from the book released last week, including a new computer network in which the company will free up more of the world.

Indeed, it is an open source project to cellular wireless network design.

This reference book called uuyjr announced an optical switch, which is open to the first white box transponders that allow packets to the device via optical networks.

We optical networks for data transfer ultra-fast networks are instead light plsz traditional copper wire, or say that through it you will not need to buy expensive Internet device while data almost free will be.

Facebook with uuyjr device has started work on a project that will be based on open open cellular wireless systems.

The VR technology for advanced video and Facebook to bigger and better networks, and it is a great challenge.


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