European spacecraft to land on Mars after a not send any signal...


European spacecraft to land on Mars after a not send any signal...

Berlin: European Space Association (ESA) and the main part of the joint space ship gas from Russia syapryly patent orbiter Mars Lander syapryly is no signal after landing on Mars.

Native Italy, Russia and ESA have jointly developed and it was time to pratrna Mars on October 19 under the plan. Ayksumars is to identify the main mission of methane and other gases on Mars trace gas orbiter that are essential for life.

600 14 March 2016 kg spacecraft was sent to Mars. The project has been placed on full name is' ayksumars gas orbiter, and the main part of the research on Mars syapryly a scientist who was to land on Mars. 

Syapryly lander had separated from the orbiter and meets around biting slowly this level in italics orbit Mars and down time opened his parachute became everything right but the ship did not signal their right to after landing might be sent and feared that it was destroyed or disabled. Experts Martians air levels on the received signal, but then did not send any signal.

This 7.8-foot-long object shaped atraasy Martians land on which the safety of the equator of Mars 'myrydyana plenum' name has been. The October 19 was to land on Mars in the evening from 8 to 9 am and CES was broadcast live on the site.

The methane gas that is most important is up from the bacteria and their presence may be a sign of life.


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