Earthquake successful identification app...


Earthquake successful identification app...

Berkeley, California: University of California, Berkeley, experts have identified 200 earthquakes in the past 6 months has developed an interesting app.

The app can be considered the seismic network. Its creators say Mai shake identify small and large earthquakes, this app was released in February 2016 and have ayndruyd app Download now to 2 million people.

In France, according to an expert on Europe and the Mediterranean seismic center before the earthquake (app), but many of them shake my app the most effective and better. Currently that would bring people to safer places This data record, but will also be able to warn of earthquakes in the future to save lives.

Expensive and sensitive sensors in earthquake prone areas are planted too deep, and the sensors are attached to the sides of the fault cltn Quetta and Balochistan European cooperation.

 But everywhere there are sensors with which Bhutan is a place where people once lived at the time of the earthquake have smartphone. I shake my account using thousands of people in Nepal can be used as Introductory warning of earthquakes.

If we use this app a few hundred people on 100 square kilometers, it can become a powerful earthquake network.

Shake My team is using a method based on neural network that feel the difference in the vibrations and earthquake vibrations and gives warning of earthquakes. 

Making the team tried in many ways to the app, is very sensitive to the network to mobile phone app identifies quicker but less damaging primary or P waves after the earthquake and the slow but destroyed after the what does the s waves, to identify the epicenter Epi center of the app is possible.


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