Donald Trump's success because of Facebook?


Donald Trump's success because of Facebook?

Donald Trump is now elected President of the United States and most of the people believe that because of the book, while Mark Zuckerberg has denied this.

Yes indeed Facebook believes many people and news feed algorithm has played a key role in Donald Trump's success because they fail to distinguish between truth and lies, which is called Filter Bubble .

They say when you share any fictitious story book about a politician who meets your ideas they see on the news feed and is kept in front of you is in your thoughts that comes the world Is.

And the fact there are numerous sources of truth about anything, although it is not hidden from anyone, but nowadays most people becoming accustomed to depend on Facebook's information say that prefer this to get news do.

After the election results were mostly a result of Facebook's role in Donald Trump's success, as you can see in the tweets.

The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the social network is not in any way affect the outcome of the presidential election.

Thursday night at a conference, he said "as a fake news Rate book is important because I think there is very little that can not affect any election, if people think it's crazy side.

He said voters make their decision based on life experiences.


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