Discover the scoring star of the universe...


Discover the scoring star of the universe...

Gottingen: Astronomers an international team, astrusysmulujy, a method using the universe of the round star discovered was that 5 thousand light-years away from Earth that is coming to light us the reach it takes thousands of years.

It stars the Kepler space telescope has discovered it is very slow rotation on its axis and scientists say this is why it is full and, in the form of (perfect sphere).

The stars, planets and satellites appear perfectly round but look but he totally because they have not scored more wide than the poles on their risen due to rotation (like crazy) on its axis (the middle section) There are. 

This example is also true of our sun, earth and moon spanning the risen slightly because of the relatively rapid axial rotation when pcky on poles. That is the case with other stars of planets, asteroids and of the solar universe.

On the contrary, he must move more slowly on its axis and the more 'complete approximately equal to its diameter would be in the form of' the poles and tropical.

The 'Kepler' the star's size has doubled compared to our sun but only one-third the speed of rotating on its axis than our Sun (3 times less). Let's say that our sun does in a full rotation on its axis 27 days.

University of gottingen, led by German experts using Japan, United Arab Emirates, the United States and an international research team, Austro sysmulujy 'technique called' of British scientists analyzed the light coming from the star and I know axial rotation speed is found that it does a full spin on its axis in about 81 days.

Given that the average diameter (which is 30 million km), experts say the rotational speed difference between the poles and Equatorial diameter, which in practice is very low, only 6 km. Although the sun is half the size, but it is 20 km wider than its poles risen. Of land that is more than 42 kilometers in diameter poles that ascended to its axial rotation is completed in approximately 24 hours.

Keeping all the information scientists say Kepler, has discovered an 'all round' (most spherical) is a natural body. He says that many goals being just can not be described as slow axial rotation, but perhaps something in the magnetic field arising from the heart (cover) definitely. He said that perhaps the star's outer layers are the heart and circulation remain indifferent to each other, but ultimately can not say anything about it.


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