Diamonds helped develop the world's thinnest wire


Diamonds helped develop the world's 

thinnest wire

New York: US scientists have only three atoms wide, the equivalent of which is made of fine electric wire, while the use of diamonds.

American Fred Stanford University experts ayslrytr National Laboratory (PSL AC) in cooperation with many elements of the atoms in the way I dress, the 'toys. 

The world's thinnest wire can be used in dozens of works like opto-electronics and electric clothes. Similar to the super-conductor devices without loss of power would be smooth.

We have built the world's thinnest wire that can power through the main author of an article published in Nature Materials and scientists Hao Yan said. 

It is very easy to make and has excellent electrical properties, which is a nynutar with solid crystal heart (core) which is half get results from a combination of different elements in an hour. This process is self-assembling . 

Sui has also been included in the sulfur atom of several fine wire and copper (Cu) and diamond deposited on the outer surface of the insulation.

The fine wires can be used in precision instruments and other fields. The display on the wire so closely amazing feature that can be useful. Improving and small electrical appliances in the electron microscope can also help.

The University astynfrd the same team created a three-dimensional (one daymynsnl) Nano string which was produced atoms of zinc, cadmium, silver and iron. The cables can be used in opto-electronics and the stage of the thinnest LEDs.


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