Computers that can fit in pocket ...


Computers that can fit in pocket ...

They were one of the other carrying a laptop bag for those times when it ended, they now have a computer that come up in your pocket.

Well-known company Intel has introduced a mini computer the size of a credit card and as thick a little more.

It was introduced during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas computer.

The card looks like a computer any desktop computer that has no less than Intel's processors and memory leaks kb Seventh Generation, the Blue Tooth, storage and wireless connectivity features like.

But the device will not be sold to consumers, but companies the little machine that the company says will be able to fit it in other devices.

This card could also work to extend the life of old computers.

Its length is 3.7 inches and 0.2 inches thick and that is why the USB and other ports do not exist.

It can be plugged into a larger device like smart cards.

The company believes that it is the computer that will determine the future of drones, robots, digital signs and other devices.

PC sales will begin in mid-2017, however, price not yet announced.


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