China's robot looking likes real human ...


China's robot looking likes real human ...

Just like humans, robots have been introduced in China last year and it is difficult enough to recognize they are in fact machines.

These robots developed by China's Science and Technology University and presented during the World Robot conference in Beijing last week.

A robot Jia Jia I can talk to you, I can recognize the face, gender discrimination and facial expressions also identify people age.

AFP Photo

AFP Photo
The robot is equipped with technology that allows it to understand human language and facial expressions.

This robot was developed at the beginning of this year and where it has been placed on display at the Beijing World Conference gave the robots communicate with humans recognize facial expressions and questions etc.

However, we still see the facial expressions of Jia Jia faces some challenges to make it to the team leader Lu Dong Zhi tries to show the natural reaction is to see its flaws or intelligence can.


However, several men Jia Jia away like robots were part of the exhibition.

A place was busy playing games with a bed-minute robot humans and birds and butterflies bayyunk also placed here.

A robot surprised by the calligraphy skills.

The researchers said that these robots are at the first stage, the person making them, in the second phase it will do the humans and their alternatives on the third stage.

Last year was a human like robot mynayk this exhibition, which has been playing a central role in a film.


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