Charge in seconds and 7 days running super battery...


Charge in seconds and 7 days running 

super battery...

Florida US engineers have developed a flexible battery with the help of nanotechnology which is called Super Capacitors and the phone can be charged in seconds.

University of Central Florida experts prepared battery can be charged to 30 thousand times without losing its effectiveness. 

Research specialist and author of the report that 'Super Capacitors can charge their mobile phone in just a few seconds, which is enough for one week.

According to experts, the battery will be able to replace conventional batteries, the battery is made from nano-materials, it can be very lengthy and large. 

However, two-dimensional (made-to-daymynsnl) used grafyn Capacitors in which the team from the University of Florida so Nano Materials. 

But there was no advantage and then the team has developed a new chemical process that can be easily set up in the existing two-dimensional material.

The core (core) is very fast charging which janydyta electrons come out very quickly.

Such nynubytryun that can be used successfully to charge small devices and can be focused to a greater amount of power. Theoretically batteries can be charged 1500 times less.


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