Charge the batteries in the future will be blood?...


Charge the batteries in the future

will be blood?...

Connecticut "found in the dependence of the efficiency and capacity of the battery to charge to charge after a delay in the blood will be on hem.

Discover a research team at Yale University, the extraordinary performance of, as a catalyst in improving lithium-oxygen batteries and viable (kytalst), ham, great help may be that blood is an integral part.

Mobile, tablet and laptop is being used the total batteries today are the 'lithium-ion batteries, it is said that these devices growing need for consistent power which need to charge the batteries at once and have a good time too. These batteries are being charged very quickly finished his time.

The one possible alternative, lithium-oxygen batteries, has emerged in recent years to form. This goes not only charge more quickly than conventional lithium ion batteries but also in their capacity to store charge up to 4 times more than their conventional batteries.

 After charging the batteries can last for a continuous working weeks. However, it still is only able to access the commercial and business scale as an unwanted compound in chemical process lithium and oxygen in them, lithium praksayyd 'is also made that causes disabling them assembled on the electrodes of the battery .

This problem is discovered by Yale University scientists that can easily be solved and the 'ham' '(heme), a molecule demonstrated excellent performance as a catalyst. These particles (molecules) are unique in the sense that it does not happen if a lithium-oxygen battery gives less energy required to charge and collect with the electrodes with lithium praksayyd.

Experts say that the number of daily millions in order to get meat to eat are harvested animals and dispose of them bleeding continues to be a problem, but the ham in lithium-oxygen batteries to increase their efficiency with that caused pollution will pave the way for better use of blood.

The most important component of blood 'hemoglobin in red blood cells is' ham', which is responsible for absorbing oxygen from the air and to give due to the blood color red.


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