'Bermuda Triangle mystery solved claims....


'Bermuda Triangle mystery solved claims....

Scientists have discovered the world's most mysterious Bermuda Triangle region of secrets who claimed to understand.

Shashi spread over the region, according to US scientists point clouds are potentially lead to the disappearance of ships and aircraft.

We have been told that the hexagons of research at the University of Colorado Clouds 65 miles per hour of wind acting like "air bomb that can sink ships and planes dropped.

The idea that Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico Sea region triangle is called the Bermuda Triangle which have been the reports from decades of ships and aircraft mysteriously disappeared and could not find any debris .

The scientists gathered data region using NASA satellites and Hexagon discovered that the clouds are spread over 32 kilometers and 88 meters.

The researchers said that such clouds are extremely rare, usually you do not see a corner of the sky.

He added, "Such work like a cloud over the sea air bombs, they do create a wave of the explosion and came down into the sea, much higher than that.

But this study is not confronted answer if they lead to the destruction of the cloud ships and aircraft to where the debris is, for a reported average of four aircraft in the region each year and 20 ships fail.

However scientist of the mystery are as an important development.


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