Became the world's oldest astronaut Peggy whitsun...


Became the world's oldest astronaut Peggy whitsun...

Kazakhistan: 56-year-old American astronaut Peggy utsn women have been sent to the International Space Station bykanur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, and thus he has the privilege of the oldest astronaut.

Utsn first in 2002 and again in 2007, when it reached the International Space Station in 2007. He also had the honor of being female commander of the International Space Station. 

This time they will stay there until May 2017, during which time they Feb handle second International Space Station Command in 2017 women will set a new world record in the gap nurdun and International Space her 57th birthday on 9 February 2017 will celebrate the station.

He bykanur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan was sent into space by the Russian 'Soyuz' rockets. They are accompanied by a Russian and a Japanese astronaut. 3 The crew reaches International Space Station on Saturday where already an American astronaut and two Russian.

Peggy utsn various medical and scientific experiments, and will also perform with his colleagues on the International Space Station have a high degree bayukymstry. Their mission will end when they've spent the most time in space than any other American astronaut. The award is Jeff Williams, who spent 534 days in space as a whole.


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