Aware of the heart attack to the electric sensor developed...


Aware of the heart attack to the electric sensor developed...

Heart disease deaths biggest reason that so much more than all forms of cancer deaths worldwide. But immediately identified as the stroke remains a challenge until now. 

But there are certain chemicals in the blood of heart attack are identified to be detected the deadly attack.

Manchester School of Materials scientists have been India's Institute of Nano Science and Technology (NS times has a sensor on nynupymany the cooperation of T), which consists of black phosphorus and laid a layer of DNA that Is. 

The heart is stuck back in mayuglubn is a chemical that destroys DNA and become its hallmark.

It is sensitive, rapid and accurate method of measuring sensor stroke. Experts have estimated the magnitude of the amount of incoming tour mayuglubn sensor. 

According to experts, this sensor is generally provided by the clinic may help prevent heart condition known in the lives of a large number of people arriving there.

Scientists say it is a revolutionary sensor becomes important, and it will be possible to save people after a deadly heart attack because it is easier after treatment identified.


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