Artificial bones also produced three printer...


Artificial bones also produced three printer...

Netherlands experts works like a three-D printer using artificial bones that are very real to produce the natural bones.

'Science translational medicine, according to a report published in the latest issue of the journal, atrkt University, the Netherlands, scientists using special ink in three-D printers have built artificial bones that' hyper-elastic Bones' name has been. 

Although he has not been tested on humans, but these synthetic bone graft was performed in monkeys and rats at real bones like performance.

Well, thanks to the three-D printers is no problem to prepare any form but is designed to be grafted bone in the body is very hard today. The reason is that most of the three-D materials used as ink (ink) printers are not able to become a physical part of an animal. 

Experts can be made part of an animal's body that has developed a substance while using bio-engineering that is also capable of being flexible.

During the experiments made three printer of flexible bones (hyper-elastic Bones) as if they were transplanted into monkeys and mice, muscle and veins would have gradually taken in uniting the round like real bones. 

The analysis demonstrated his artificial bones and animal bones such as natural karkrgy been recovered almost completely.


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