Apple first introduced awesome laptops...


Apple first introduced awesome laptops...

Apple has introduced the new Mac laptops, which are offered in 2 different screen size of 13 inches with a 15 inch screen in the second.

This time, Apple has changed the design of your laptop and some elbow on his side so he could look more slim and good design.

The presence of a new feature and LED strip is applied in place of F and is called Touch Bar.

Users will be able to get quick access to them in touch once they use often.

Apple says this is far from being thinner and lighter MacBook Pro laptop up top, the 13-inch model weighs three pounds and weighs four pounds of 15-inch models.

Apple said its new Force Touch trackpad is also the first of which is twice that of the trackpad and keyboard design changed.

Similarly, the USB ports has been a 15-inch laptop in Intel's 2133 processor seam MH Zee memory while the 13-inch model will be Intel's five or the seam.


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