Android devices than iPhones, claim


Android devices than iPhones, claim

In a new study has claimed that they were losing the battle against Apple's iPhone and iPad, Android devices and are trusted less.

Blanc technology, which is claimed in the research group are less reliable and prone to failure than Apple's devices, Android phones, is delivering the viruses in 10 OS update.

According to research apps to crash into the causes of failure, connections are more difficult and more warming.

According to the study 62 percent in the third quarter of 2016, growth in the POS devices encountered error performance Android was 47 percent.

The research found that the iPhone six biggest failure which proved that the rate of the iPhone five S and iPhone Six with 13 percent to 9 percent.

The common problem facing the hottest iPhone users was third with apps that have crashed 15% and 11% while the headphones issues.

The device does not charge when hot, according to the report, the display becomes dim or dark, so are also common 

problems to weak signal or camera flash etc. temporarily.

The iPhone is the most Instagram app crash on the second snap chat.

The Samsung Android devices suffered the most 11% failure.

According to Android users is the battery over USB and face the problems quickly.


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