Also, super moon 'views of the world's countries in Pakistan...


Also, super moon 'views of the world's countries in Pakistan...

Karachi: The unusually large and the view of the moon, sprmun in Pakistan as it is worldwide.

The good fortune of having big moon and unfortunately nothing but a natural phenomenon that occurs when the moon, not just the lowest distance from the ground, but the approach of the new moon (crescent) or full moon ( Bader also be seen in the perfect).

Experts say that the night between 14 and 15 November 2016, the emerging super moon appeared 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the shortest Badr perfect (Micro Moon) in its apparent size on the sky.

The last time I had spent so much closer to the moon, land on 26 January 1948, the perfect opportunity so super moon was nearly 69 years ago. But the next super moon to be bigger than that on November 25, 2034 because the distance between the moon and earth spent even less perfect opportunity.

The Super Moon was seen off at 6 in Pakistan on 52 minutes when the pork 10 pm jgmata his glory on the horizon. The time of the Monday afternoon 4 o'clock 15 minutes on Moon distance was less than 27.992 kilometers to 356.508 kilometers is the average distance between the moon and Earth.

Why is Super Moon?

So we all know that the moon is a circle around the Earth, but its orbit around the Earth (Orbit) is not in the form of a round circle, but elliptical (egg-like) shape. The moon is the average distance of 384.500 kilometers, the maximum distance from the earth, but because of its elliptical orbit is reached 405.504 km called 'apujy' '(apogee) the astrological language. In contrast, the shortest distance is 363.396 kilometers of the moon and the earth's celestial name 'Perez' '(perigee).

So we can also say that the distance to the Moon on Perez, as compared to apujy at 42.108 km and that is when it is new or full moon looks larger in size Gives.

Experts also say that almost every 14 spent less than the distance from Earth to the moon on the occasion of the perfect and he is bigger than usual in view but the shortest distance (Perez), a full moon that is 'Super Moon' is in rainy years. He needs to believe that instead of being distracted by this point superstitious predictions of astrologers and diviners to be used for redemption and superstition increase understanding of nature that point to the system.


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