"Allianz received messages possible.


"Allianz received messages possible.

Scientists have received some unusual messages from the depths of space aliens who sent or Allianz believes.

In the research that they have received specific modulation hit exactly 234 stars.

The researchers have no reason to explain it, so they think it is coming from Allianz messages.

According to the researchers, we have received very few stars of the signals that are present in a confined space.

However, he said that while supposedly need more research to confirm or deny these signals need to look at different tools to help in their descriptions.

"The researchers have extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims, it would be premature to say that these signals are the result of a civilized alien activity, still working to confirm it.

But they will catch them 2 or more telescopes to confirm these signals.

The study was published in the journal astrunumykl Society of the Pacific


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