After the successful test launch in 2018 Solar Plane


After the successful test launch in 2018 

Solar Plane

Switzerland: The planes will be flying to the sun sulrastrats first launched in 2018.

According to foreign media, electrical and solar vehicles are important inventions of the 21th century but now the sun's energy from solar astrats flying aircraft manufacturer announced it will be launching solar astrats in 2018. 

Airplane pilot who invented Rafael damjn led his team literally around the world in a solar-powered boat was completed in 2012, after which there will be solar-powered aircraft Solar astrats launch.

There is capacity for 2 passengers and aircraft special solar astrats plane when it arskta at an altitude of 25 thousand feet from the ground that he has the ability to fly even more than 24 hours at a time. 

sulrastrats only 28 feet long that it was a 20 kWh lithium battery constitution Eisenhower when the 32 kW engine, which is mounted on the wings of the aircraft were charging 72.72 square feet of solar cells.


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