Accidentally ethanol produced from carbon dioxide...


Accidentally ethanol produced from carbon dioxide...

Karachi: Scientists in the US state of Tennessee has accidentally discovered a brilliant way to convert ethanol into carbon dioxide.

Oak Ridge observed mhqqqyn National Laboratory that kept together the copper and carbon to create nano aspayyksb on agrslykan and this matter will be spent for electricity to be inserted into the mixture of carbon dioxide is soluble in water and it is solutions amazing is a concentrated mixture of ethanol.

Carbon dioxide is the major cause of climate change is that it now can be used as automotive fuel burn by changing the ethanol. The greenhouse (environmental reason why becoming) gas blank cycle (use again) to be able to get a cheaper fuel the growth rate of global temperature on the other hand, there will also Keiji low.

It is said in the press release sent to an author Research Journal research team that discovered this almost accidental conclusions calling is the cyzkam. We are doing what we felt when we were trying to research on the proposed first phase of the reaction catalyst (Catalyst) the whole process themselves.

The researchers said in their press release that the common material used with nanotechnology, we have found that it can not be limited by other parallel processes (side reaction), and they may get what we want . Carbon dioxide Unlike other methods of making fuel dioxide in this way, while the common metals copper and carbon use, which is the final thing is ethanol and is already used in different types of engines as fuel. .

Currently, research is still in its early stages but bnayajasktaa scientists have discovered a cheap and functional way to the widely followed. Before chlyun corn ethanol, were obtained from the microwave and can be sure that the new happy accident that we live on earth, we will not destroy it further.


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