acars systems, drone planes hijacked the system...


acars systems, drone planes hijacked 

the system...

The use of drones has become common throughout the world. In addition to the small size of the military aircraft flying without a pilot are also normal people.

Hack also be blown to the drone by remote control. These include the US military as amateur blown out kuadkuptr small size. Drone hacking practical demonstration during a technology conference held in Tokyo last days. Employ world-renowned security software company, engineer Jonathan Anderson surprised to hack kuadkuptr audience with the help of a radio transmitter.

Jonathan carried through the achievement of rydyutransmytr system which was named Icarus system. Kuadkuptr engineer claimed that the system helped drone helicopter, aircraft, vehicles and remote controlled powered boats could also be hacked.

DSMx technology is by remote control and exchange of information or signals between unmanned aircraft. This technology is completely safe. Then there will be weakness in the exchange of signals upygamat. Icarus system is jmalyta capture those taking advantage of the weak US aspects, but it is not a system to disable or jam the drone. It is instead broken it could get full control over the device, and contact the drone operator.

Icarus Jonathan Highlighting system discourse, told conference attendees that were targeted in the system of the signals emitted by remote control drones and disrupted them. He moved to the US controlling signal from the system, which then rejects signals from the operator. The system of the radio waves (Direct Sequence Spread emitted Spectrum) hardware makes the target Jonathan said. Their support could be hijacked by attacking any hardware maker RC protocol.

The hacking was uploaded to YouTube a video of the system in which it is shown how cannikin mhupruaz stores in the US bus. The size of the video in the palm can be shown that the drone was hacked, according to Anderson, as well as large aerial and remote control-driven boats are also subject himself.

Icarus box in the Real Time Clock and has a display screen which shows a target and actual operating drones transmitter device ID and other technical details. DSMx transmission device on the other side of the screen are visible in real time. Keeping all the information Icarus system excludes signals required or desired frequency waves of drone hijacking.

This system is not available for general sale, but Jonathan Anderson from the US hacking demos objects ranging from a few feet it has shown hundreds of thousands of miles of controls carried out drone aircraft and the same kind my it was possible to indulge in.

There are positive and negative aspects of this technology, like every technology. For security, this device will be very useful to grasp Quad Seal to be blown away as men.

The men have become as the US, especially after a mock Western countries. Kuadkuptrz these people, are being used for civilian espionage and interfere in their private life, also lead to security problems are caused by these. Icarus system support will reduce the security of headache. They'll see any quad kuptr down by it in the bus.

The downside of Icarus system that can be used for criminal purposes. For example, security drones can be hijacked. It also can be used in the remote-controlled cars and boats controlled by their acts of terror.


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