A tool that will show whether my dream...


A tool that will show whether my dream...

You experience many are realizing a dream while dreaming he would rhakh when people will and continued with the realization of his dream. This condition is called lucid dreams (lucid dreaming).

Dream, shown in this case are clear, bright and lucid. Lucid dream state can be found in understanding the degree that he can truly understand the neurological processes to awaken a sense of being in a dream state of sleep indeed. According to a survey by twenty per cent of people experience lucid dreams.

Some people claim that dreams can customize the look of an individual in a state of lucid, I can control my dreams!

Lucid Dreamer is made up of the same thing. It claims the creators of a unique device or tool that can be optimized with the help of dreams.

Scientific experts say it is very interesting, and unusual know most people will not take it seriously. I think that this dream can be viewed in a state of sleep, and we can not control them.

Dream specific mental activity of man is the cause of this condition says that research on lucid called gamma activity in the science of language. This activity of the mind of man is to some extent consciously realize the dream. By tampering with the brain's electrical activity can increase the power of light waves.

This technique is called Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS). The study tested the technique on several people. Zee dream research 77% of people pass through the state of lucid.
The company established in the Netherlands on the basis of the scientific discoveries Neuromodulation Technologies B.V.

This tool has been named Lucid Dreamer. Although officials claim that dreams create the research is still in its early stages but the Lucid Dreamer Lucid he presented the device to satisfy the various experiences and good comfort.

This device was tested according to the company during five experiments. Seven nights a specific part of the brain every person has twice touched "by this tool. Three of the five was the first lucid dream experience. Four other night and the fifth man was suffering from a state of "dreaming third night waking.

Dutch company eventually raise money through crowd funding for commercial-scale manufacture of this unique tool. The project has been the target of one million Euro. The Dutch company had collected sixty thousand Euro. The remaining amount will come together to work on this project. Lucid Dreamer will cost between three hundred and five hundred euros.


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