A robot to remove sweat like humans...


A robot to remove sweat like humans...

One common among men and machines, when it comes to their work so that the temperature inside temperature of the body temperature. This condition is excreted sweat from the body, and the body feels when cooled. This is a natural process.

If the machines are constantly mobilized to work in their lives and their chances of being disabled heatedly. Therefore, they are exclusively manage to keep cool, but now Japanese experts have invented a human-like robot that hyumnayd automatic machine that removes sweat from the body of mankind. The ability of a robot developed by engineers at the University of Tokyo that it does push-ups like humans. After a few minutes the result that regular exercise seems to remove sweat from the body. This robot is named for Ken Guru.

The glory of cans is spread out beneath the spongy layered body. These porous layers, it destroys the water is cooled and can mobilize 180 electric motors inside the Guru's body. The robots push-ups because of the system 'sweat out' after every eleven minutes.

To enable the machine is necessary to protect them from excessive heat. That is, different techniques are used to take a long time to run and cool the machines.

University engineers were facing the same problem. They were working on a project to make hyumnayd stay active for hours. The installation of the cooling system to protect the delicate machinery of the robot was inevitable. However, five feet seven inches tall and five kilograms humanized robot small msnyn, wire, circuit boards inside, and motors were engaged in a way that was not the remainder of the installation space for the cooling system.

After several days of thinking ultimately a member of the team suggest that a person should not be made human-like robot cooling system cooling system style. It was a difficult task. There are tuyutaka kuzuky chief engineers team that normally robot frames or outer structures work just to support different powers, but as well we move the water and to emit heat wanted, which ultimately was successful.

The external structure of Guru metal cans or metal frame made of aluminum. While each "bone structures using laser was printed. Metal structures with this technique is pervasive level control. The tyarknndh may decide that the solid metal frame which parts to keep and which soft like a sponge. Ken was the pride of the bones, like the spongy layers like bee hive design which can be absorbed. This water then automatically deleted when robots began to feel hot due to strict "labor".

After exiting through the pump into the inner layers of spongy bone, the water reaches the surface and porous structure of the metal. After arriving water instead of falling on the floor exit and body, is dissolved in air evaporated. After a cup of water to drink, cans and half-day stop, the distinction can be enabled.

The Toyota kuzuky similar to human physiological system cooling system traditionally ayyrkulng system about three times more effective, but it can not be regarded as traditional radiators or feathers alternative, which is used to cool the machines are.


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