60 paise per km driven CNG motorcycle


60 paise per km driven CNG motorcycle

New Delhi: India's capital, Delhi, Pune is now in motorcycles has been presented to the CNG kit contains 2 CNG cylinders and cylinder capacity of 1.2 kg.

After installing CNG kit bike he will be 1 kg of CNG at 120 130 kilometers, while CNG would pay only 60 paise per km. Locally made this bike CNG kit price in India is Rs 60 thousand.

India was the first country which is developed for motorcycles CNG kit, before Egypt and Latin American countries have developed motorcycles for CNG kits being used successfully there.

The problem is becoming unmanageable pollution in India the Ministry of Environment and is engaged in various efforts to resolve. 

Motorcycles CNG kit installation is also part of the efforts which began in July 2016 when India was still being run CNG in Pune Motorcycles where he became the second Indian city.


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