5 New technologies for faster and better Internet


5 New technologies for faster and better Internet

Internet present is one of the most important innovation, however, is the only access to 40 percent of people worldwide.

The Internet is becoming vital to everyday life at a time, on the other hand seems to bring out innovative new technologies to connect the Internet to the whole world that is better than that and help provide faster service.

Facebook internet drone Solar Power

Expressing the desire to connect founder Mark Zuckerberg always the whole book from the Internet and their company for this purpose has prepared a large drones that will help internet access in different parts of the world.

Facebook Connectivity Lab is designed to drones propelled by solar energy, which as a Boeing 747 and was the first test flight in June 2016 which called akyuyla, the Internet technology was not part of it but it was a great success, the flight lasted 96 minutes. The company expects that the next stage will be to ensure the provision of Internet access in remote regions of the world through energy-saving drones laser beam.

MIT 330% faster Wi-Fi 

A few months ago at MIT's computer science and artificial intelligence lab's existing Wi-Fi 330% was announced faster wireless Internet system which band udth to 2 times higher than the current technology, it called Mega March Mo 2.0 several transmitters in the technology used for the uninterrupted flow of data. MIT's technology is currently in the process of preparing and soon users will be used to deliver better and faster Internet.

Wi-Fi is nothing to get WiFi

Fi technology which will bring him to a hundred times faster than the present WiFi Internet speed. A French company aulydkum works on de wireless Internet technology that El who is on that too rapidly, the Internet during the test in this regard in the laboratory running at a speed of 224 GB per second success was achieved when the company developed the LED light data rapidly through the bulbus is transmitted at a speed of 200 gigabits per second. The idea of ​​the speed that is to be applied in the twinkling of an eye you can download within 23 DVD movies.

Google Project Loan

Which Google launched a project loan from Facebook drone program is supported by balloons for the provision of Internet Use for Internet delivery balloon Africa and southern rural areas of West Asia flying at extreme height are made. This project is being spread to different areas and expect that Google will be able to get the support of the Internet around the world.

Samsung's satellite project

South Korean company had submitted in the Samsung World will use satellites for which is working on a major project of Internet delivery, the company in 2015 proposed 4600 satellites for a global network, the earth's orbit I would rotate every month deliver a zeta byte from the ground, a significant increase in Internet speed to do so, according to the company.


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