42-inch wide touch screen ready...


42-inch wide touch screen ready...

Las Vegas is Canada width of a company which has the biggest screen in the world is 42 inches and can be hung on the wall like a whiteboard.

This giant touch screen Calgary, Canada, Quirky logic 'and US' E Ink 'starting one today, Las Vegas from January 5, 2017 is the result of sharing a three-year research project in the companies' Consumer electronics show "will be presented for the first time in the exhibition (CES).

Kuyyla (Quilla) called it is connected to the Internet on the one hand because the touch screen as 'intelligent whiteboard' is being said and the other written on it through a special electronic markers or finger can also be .

Kuyyla be brought innovation in various official purposes, particularly plans to use because once they do not need to erase after the screen, but it carries all the information saved in memory that can be displayed on the screen again if needed .

The hand written text can be highlighted not only by the people sitting up saving memory but can also be converted into digital characters. The images and maps may also be made on the Internet or computer display on the big screen. Although it is usually black and white, but can be any color required by it as a smartphone / tablet screen.

Market already, Microsoft hub, called a smart screen is available in sizes considerably less than kuyyla but the price is 7 thousand dollars is quite high, but kuyyla anywhere in his abilities is better.

The purpose of Quirky Logic and E Ink to Large smart screens / smart white boards can be harnessed in fields ranging from the offices is to improve a lot of low cost and good to the teaching and the traditional whiteboard innovation to be compatible with the requirements of the twenty-first century.

It costs about the currently nothing but what I do that this early in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be the registration of persons having serious interest in kuyyla and institutions the end of this year. production models will be able to buy.


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