2016 25 most popular passwords...


2016 25 most popular passwords...

Well, almost in every email, social media in the Internet world has to keep everyone on the membership site user no password, but they can also escape to the hackers grip or ?

If you think your password may see the list of the 25 worst passwords of 2016 and then decide whether you also protect yourself by using any of them do not understand?

Internet security company called Guardian has compiled a list of passwords based on data crore 25 worst passwords were leaked in 2016 and is the first number is always 123456.

If you have a favorite word is sorry to say that this is the worst stretch password every year since 2011.

But 2016 is a long time on 12345678 111111 and fifth while the second word in the name of the place 123456789 password while the third prize 'qwerty in the fourth.

The company said that a list of passwords is the most used in 2016 will be difficult to stop shaking their heads sadly for us, even seven passwords top 15 touch than six characters or are.

It further argued that if the websites are allowed to work on accounts such as passwords, it's their negligence or crazy side.

Experts also different for each account they have advised the people to make difficult password.

About this list easily those passwords to hackers who come to grip with which it also appears that they choose to remember passwords without anything you'll see at the bottom.


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