11 amazing information about Mars


11 amazing information about Mars

Karachi: After Earth to Mars is probably the only planet where human greatest number of research that space probes have been sent by the Mars because we hope that the system there's life after agrzmyn solar it may be possible that this planet.

Mars to discover?

No one knows that Mars we have discovered is always from Mars because of its red color seen easily in the sky and can be recognized for this name in ancient times was the 'Red Star', even though it was a Planet it was considered a symbol of war and wrath.

Mars will remain very light:

Very attractive on the surface of Mars than the planet earth weakened by 62 percent weaker than Earth. Ie, the level will be just 62 pounds on Mars, if you weigh 163 pounds on Earth.

Carbon dioxide:

Atmosphere of Mars than Earth (aytmusfyyr) First, it is very light and it is more than 98 percent of carbon dioxide. The terrestrial atmosphere like nitrogen most (78%), less oxygen (21%) and are involved in various gases very small amounts of carbon dioxide only 0.04% (400 PPM) comes around. So we have to be seen in terms of the whole atmosphere of carbon dioxide, a gas that can say Mars.

The largest mountain in the solar system:

The dead volcano Mount Everest on Earth's highest mountain, but Mars' Olympus Mons' '(Olympus Mons) height which is discovered to be the largest mountain far in the solar system, about 22 km and a diameter of 600 km. Is. When compared to the area will find that Olympus Mons is more central France (mainland France). Some experts suspect that is probably still an active volcano Olympus Mons.

Cairo Name:

Another name for Mars in Arabic, Najm alqahr '(there is also the star of wrath). It is said that 972 in AD Fatimid rule was when founded the Egyptian city of Cairo on the same day Mars was going to rise, and he was featured in heaven seeing that city's name, alqahrh traditional name of Mars 'placed'.

A day and a year of Mars:

It will be read with interest in Mars one day than a full day (four hours) on the ground is only 40 minutes longer than the duration of 24 hours and 40 minutes. One of Mars' Solar Day 'is precisely called' civil '' (SOL). This year 687 days as long of a passing on our planet Mars, 10 months and that orbit around Mars, the Sun, which 22 days are as long, one in which the land is quite big Mars is the time to look around.
Closest to Earth

NASA says that 2287 years later, Mars will come so close to Earth again.

Ice on Mars (water)

Compared to the planet Mars is very cold where night temperatures stay well below the freezing point. First think of is that I see white caps really focused on the poles of Mars carbon dioxide (dry ice), but recent research shows that these are also the same frozen ice found on the same ground poles Is. It was also learned that ice age on Mars that ended only 4 million years ago. The end of the last ice age on Earth was about 10 thousand years ago.

Life candidate:

After the invention of the telescope, he went over the end of the mystery of Mars. I have never seen a human face on Mars then came the concept of irrigation on Mars because they had hoped that man would not like us there is no life on Mars. But later investigation proved that no existence of life on Mars at that time. However, it is estimated that over 20 million hits that were in some form or billions of years before life on this planet. However, there is yet to be finalized confirm this idea.

Water on Mars:

In September 2015, astronomers discovered some evidence which indicates that perhaps there will be flowing on Mars and salt water in the summer. But I discovered that like many other things, is awaiting final confirmation.

On the artisans 'Mars' new towns in!

However, this technology Mars remains only a fraction of an inch to enable humanitarian access. But the good news is that NASA, China and Russia are among the private sector has also accelerated preparations to send early manned flights to Mars.


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