10 years to change the smartphone world...


10 years to change the smartphone world...

The device was introduced on January 9, 2007, which changed the world and today is his 10th birthday being celebrated.

What is your evaluation of this device is that it can feel like the world today, most people wishing to get it?

The iPhone, which is also the world's first commercial multi-touch screen phone.

A decade ago, introduced when Steve Jobs said the iPhone today in San Francisco it was very expensive, the experience I was not, but the people were accustomed to the physical keyboard, this device was deprived of her , there was a thought that this device would change the world.

Then the phone was considered modern and Black Berry which was given access to email and the Internet, and many companies thought they would be unable Apple's smartphone, but they proved to be historic.

Its success led to today's abundance of smart phones worldwide and still come in 11 versions, which is why the iPhone is also a cultural icon.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in his message on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the iPhone's contacts, recreation, and has changed the way of life, the iPhone has set the standard for mobile computing in the first decade if this is the beginning, the iPhone is yet to come.

Apple said the device is designed in every passing year, and the difference is clear from the photo below.


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