Use of computers in fact beneficial, research

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Use of computers in fact beneficial, research

I spend a lot of time before the young smartphones, screen computers and videos games and claim it has emerged that it is indeed beneficial habit to his personality.

They said Britain's Oxford University research finds concerns regarding the technology emerged over the last decade that too much time on it is just a result of the social skills of young people and mental health.

However, it emerged in the 15 years of research results in close to half a million young people have a positive impact of these devices use.

According to research spending up to four hours daily in front of the computer does not cause any loss of personality, while in smartphones has been two and a half hours of video games.

The researchers said that these devices are really helpful in enhancing creative thinking and coordination ability and concerns in this regard are unfounded.

He was exaggerated, the time I spend in front of the digital screen in the reports and some more mental health, although modern harmless but may prove beneficial, but beyond them spend time might be damaged.

But not review the impact on health spending too much time in front of screens during the investigation.

Earlier, a study in China in 2014, it emerged that there is too much time spent on the Internet shrinking the brain leading man.

Oxford University research published in the journal Psychological Science.

2016 25 most popular passwords...

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2016 25 most popular passwords...

Well, almost in every email, social media in the Internet world has to keep everyone on the membership site user no password, but they can also escape to the hackers grip or ?

If you think your password may see the list of the 25 worst passwords of 2016 and then decide whether you also protect yourself by using any of them do not understand?

Internet security company called Guardian has compiled a list of passwords based on data crore 25 worst passwords were leaked in 2016 and is the first number is always 123456.

If you have a favorite word is sorry to say that this is the worst stretch password every year since 2011.

But 2016 is a long time on 12345678 111111 and fifth while the second word in the name of the place 123456789 password while the third prize 'qwerty in the fourth.

The company said that a list of passwords is the most used in 2016 will be difficult to stop shaking their heads sadly for us, even seven passwords top 15 touch than six characters or are.

It further argued that if the websites are allowed to work on accounts such as passwords, it's their negligence or crazy side.

Experts also different for each account they have advised the people to make difficult password.

About this list easily those passwords to hackers who come to grip with which it also appears that they choose to remember passwords without anything you'll see at the bottom.

The possibility of capture, Samsung Vice Chairman...

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The possibility of capture, Samsung Vice Chairman...

SEOUL: household electrical appliance has been filed and smartphones make a request to South Korea's leading company accused of helping South Korea suspended the corruption indirectly Samsung Vice Chairman Nguyen Park.

South Korean prosecutor submitted a request to be arrested Yong, vice chairman of Samsung in a court of Seoul, it is hoped that the decision would be appealed to the court this week.

Foreign news agency Associated Press (AP) reported that smartphones are accused Vice Chairman of the unique name of the company Samsung in the preparation that they have female Gwen President Park suspended South Korea friendly $ 3 million to 60 million bribe offer.

Remember that charges of abusing his office, including corruption and embezzlement South Korean President Park Gwen.

Park was approved by parliament last year passed a bill of impeachment against Nguyen Dec 10, which was suspended from the post of prime minister after Huang because the acting president's responsibilities were transferred.

Against South Korea's president to corruption, together with her friends, honor your friends and public protests in November last year to take advantage of his powers were stronger.

Choi, 60, a friend to use his name stitched seams to the President of corruption and corruption female president in charge of receiving illicit benefits and have already been arrested.

Money from the country's large commercial companies for their own benefit by allegations that he used the name of the president and government of the president's friends, including Samsung gathers Sul Choi Soon, those companies.

Samsung related to corruption
The smartphone maker had agreed to the friendly NGO Sul Choi Soon more than a million dollars, 80 million of North Korean funds prasykyurtrz told the court.

The investigation on corruption charges, according to prasykyurtrz 4 officials Samsung, but they have already applied for the arrest of Vice Chairman of the Company.

The company Samsung has denied the charges of receiving funds to benefit.

The Samsung Vice Chairman not to sell directly to Yong company has, but in 2014 after the fall of his heart to the 72-year-old father, which he controls the company, the longer the company the owner is considered.

Samsung Electronics Co. shares fell after the corruption scandal and company name for fear of being exposed to heavy financial losses.

WhatsApp will charge their customers?

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WhatsApp will charge their customers?

WhatsApp has more than one billion users of the world's most popular messaging app.

The reason for its popularity is the use of WhatsApp is free for consumers around the world.

However, such reports have emerged very quickly because it will change the WhatsApp users will have to pay for the new version of the service is preparing to introduce its use.

WhatsApp for Android and Windows Phone beta hints of the new platform named 'Enterprise' service versions.

Indicating that gets its name after WhatsApp has reached Introduce yourself separate business platform.

They will work like new office slack and Skype messaging app that helps businesses grow their customer base.

It is unclear how far it will vary from office to another app WhatsApp or what features it will have.

But it is clear that WhatsApp to become the most popular Instant Messengers like the idea of ​​working in offices that already provide support end-to-end encryption to halz security.

WhatsApp idea that I would charge customers for the service, which was announced at the beginning of the end of last year.

The human or robot?...

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The human or robot?...

They see humans as a result of advances in technology and robots are often hard for people to differentiate between them.

That has been proved that a woman Karen X. Cheng shares last week at the CES conference in Las Vegas and presented himself as a robot.

They've become like his acting was so convincing that humans or robots just have them do the robot.

According to Karen Chang, the first robot was danced in different places, but we thought it would be fun to do a technology conference where people expect the most advanced type of technology.

According to him, the thing is that I was not sure we would have been able to fool someone helps, but surprisingly we deceive many people.

He posted a video on his Facebook page that the robots have seen millions of people.

Conference to fool the people he was placed in a remote attached to a fake wire.

If people are not human but he was convinced that he can connect the wires, but some said it skin just like humans.

LG's new flagship phone would prove unusual?...

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LG's new flagship phone would prove unusual?...

If you like the LG smartphones good news did not come to any other device to which it will have its new flagship phone, the screen today.

Six of the LG G flagship phone will be introduced on February 26, a day before the scheduled start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

LG has announced that it will be a smartphone 5.7-inch LCD 18: 9 ratio and Q ayspykt with an HD Plus screen resolution of 2880x1440 it.

This may sound like common border or edge, but it would be negligible and 5.7-inch screen will look the same as I feel a 5-inch smartphone.

According to LG, we want to provide our customers experience from other smartphone display that is thinner and lighter than before.

LG said currently about more features.

However, it may be the LG G-Six 2 screens according to various reports, this is the feature that the company presented in the V and V Tan Sri smartphones.

Likewise snap dragonflies six GB RAM and 835 processors will be the phone, but this time it's not like I mudyulr five.

The credit card size mobile phone

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The credit card size mobile phone

Do as much as you would using a cell phone the size of a credit card?

If so, this device is called the Light House anti-smartphone device that you will definitely like it is a problem.

Yes, the phone can only be nothing to make and receive calls.

Not even an SMS, there is no question of being able to connect to the Internet, it is deprived of the camera.

The company has developed new lab, and it says that the purpose of this design is to use every possible mobile phone.

The company said it is ready to deliver the smartphone addiction.

The company's mission is to bring the sounds of the technology of the present and away from smartphones through satellite phone.

Well this phone can also be used to keep your expensive home because of the number of active smartphones on putting light technology has been used for it.

Since there is no digital screen it, so the volume is the same as a credit cart, but it is too thin.

LED interface is fully touch screen phone, but at the top and the left button.

Satellite phone cost one hundred dollars has been allocated.

WhatsApp was solve the major complaint of users...

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WhatsApp was solve the major complaint 

of users...

If you use WhatsApp good news is that very soon will be able to share 30 images simultaneously in one place.

Yes WhatsApp Android they will be able to share more than 30 images at a time by which the increase in the beta version.

This increase will those who love to share photos with your friends and loved ones, but often times it takes considerable time for them to share photos of any event.

This feature has long been demanded by consumers.

Similarly, WhatsApp has now been introduced in GI related images feature the beta version of the search.

The FIA's WhatsApp for Android users can send and receive pictures, but when they are stored in the device.

But WhatsApp G FIA click on the search will be directly connected to the app you will be able to search the pile will be different animated images or custom.

It is the beta version of WhatsApp features will be available to consumers soon.

Now possible to earn income on Facebook

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Now possible to earn income on Facebook

Facebook users will still earn money from the world's most popular social networking site, the videos for which you have to post.

The technology comes in a report by the site recycling code.

Facebook reported revenue through acquisition has now implemented the strategy of waiting several publishers had long been streaming the videos.

This strategy will show ads on videos on Facebook and part of their income is split between the publisher and Facebook.

This will be followed by at least two seconds between one and a half minute long video advertising.

Now this will be the major pages of Facebook ads will broadcast the videos in Facebook and be a part of the normal users of videos.

However, all users can be expected to apply this policy in the future.

A goal of this policy is that Facebook also encourage you to post more videos on this site within the exclusive brands, such as videos that can get people's attention.

This format book is going to test your live videos and prove more useful in this opinion.

If Facebook users were exposed to either earn the opportunity to be the first social media platform, introducing a revenue sharing program for consumers in 2007 by YouTube before.

However, Facebook is becoming the dominant platform offensive thinking in terms of real-time sharing and in this regard have been possible measures to encourage more users posts.

The human body will also power, scientists have won on strange clothing

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The human body will also power, scientists have won on strange clothing

If you do not have power in the world. Yes, the lord of our body by which power is, your brain performs the complex task unfys. The brain and make us able to swiftly carry electrical signals between cells in the human body that can range from minor activity in the United States thought the thoughts to hold glass of water. The human body does not produce large amounts of electricity, but scientists believe that it is possible to prepare those who take advantage of this life-changing devices.

For example, to produce apparel with a material that can generate electricity from body heat or movement. British inventor from South hpmtn University, Professor Steve baby is like trying to invent clothes. Professor Steve wants to make a coat that can supply power to take over the body sensitive medical devices (medical sensors). The devices will be easier for the blood pressure of the patient at specific times each day, sugar levels, heart rate, etc. to check.

The devices then results cordless (wireless) from the doctor or hospital will be moved. The patient will get rid of repeatedly going to the hospital or doctor's time, will save energy and money. Professor Steve says in this regard, the power to perform everyday tasks that we want to invent clothes. When he took it and make ample use of electricity. When work is finished devices to 'be quiet'. The clothes they make electricity again. '' However, it is a challenge for scientists to dress. Because the power is always precipitated by friction atoms. I could give you the opportunity to move from the rest is the man that clothes design. The experts want to make clothes that will produce electricity as well as a comfortable way.

Some scientists believe that the power be fit for walking shoes or socks to wear atomic system continually rub together. Blood flow in the human body it is possible to generate electricity from the movement of internal organs.

Is located in South hpmtn University Hospital cardiologist, Dr. Paul Roberts, if you have a pacemaker, who invented electricity heartbeat. Dr. Roberts says, "We wondered when we would have chance to lay hands on the severity of the beating heart. Usually we do not even have to put your hand on your heart when the heart condition while relaxing. If turned away, ran away and then a heart attack is more aggressive. Cnanch it is possible to take advantage of the wealth of human body energy.

When the machine is placed between the two pacemakers Heart Balloon jufun (chambers) are also warmly beating heart when the balloon cavity. By installing a magnet wire with a balloon. Whenever Balloon bhncy, the magnet generates electricity. Dr. Roberts and his team have created 50% power through this method requires a pacemaker.

Currently, there are pacemakers which are inoperable byryanch seven years later. Cnanch operation costs by putting new chains so that the works could rhy.yh peace plan they operate electrical pacemaker in the patient's heart, God forbid, he could answer. In this context, Dr. Roberts says, "We invented the heart pacemaker will last only one percent of the energy. If a patient's heart is so weak that even one percent very small amounts that will not affect its overall function.

The US corn is put on the preparation of such devices in the field which forces the university to generate electricity. The rush that soldiers dressed in March at the knees or brackets, they would make the devices installed in power. Actually carry all types of military electronic devices nowadays. They follow all equipment chains. Science to scientists that the devices will work with the help of physical power, will not have to carry the weight of the chains and the military.

Some devices running backups or soldiers who will take power on (backpack). Since the location is usually in motion so there will lead to more power. Corn Field University researcher, Richard Daniel began creating his own body the power to say 'if the military would be sufficient to require chains; and they can perform their duties more efficiently. Will usher in significant cost devices that generate electricity, but long-term benefits as these. '

Nokia plans to release more smartphones

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Nokia plans to release more smartphones

WASHINGTON introduce middle price of mobile phones after my ayndruyyd phones offer smartphone world after the famous Nokia to offer mobile phone in the long absence is a message of the foothold that return announced.

The first phone HM Global D will release and has been named Nokia 6. The Nokia 2014 company Microsoft bought the rights to the brand and the Nokia Windows Phone releases were made.

Read the news: Introducing Nokia's first smartphone ayndruyyd, cost less

According to a website to analyze the mobile phones of Nokia company this year from 6 to 7 new smartphone will rylyzkry ayndruyyd. Nokia and Microsoft distribution company AV O x is of a presentation of the Kyoto shown 6 of 7 models from 2017 and will be ayndruyyd smartphones middle price but high quality Malaysia's website .

The MD-H has confirmed that it will be nugat seventh version of the Google operating system. Analysis of the cars will be able to add a wide world of third-party software ayndruyd Nokia phone to your phone that could focus on customers. The new phone is also modernizing its hardyyr ayndruyd Smartphone 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage circuit, 16 MP camera, 3 thousand mAh battery is installed. SDM for additional memory card slot is also present.

According to technology experts such as Nokia wants a foothold in the middle market. This is a phone that's not too expensive nor too cheap and the most modern facilities than their contemporaries phones. The price is estimated to about 25 thousand while the board has been Snapdragon 430 system. It will hear sound from Dolby sound processing aytmus while the phone is closed aluminum case.

The shoes will also charge mobile phones

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The shoes will also charge mobile phones

Washington: University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Engineering has created a shoe for the poor and backward areas and soldiers who can go fill charge mobile devices.

The energy to produce tiles, can be made under the bags and shoes, but experts claim that moves the prepared shoes (kaynytk) into electrical energy that can very effectively to human activity.

University of Wisconsin scientists say that is the very energy that can be made, 10 watts of optical energy as a human activity that discarded shoes in advance of the actual temperature. 

But let's not underestimate the power of 20 watts may be a charge for advanced mobile devices.

The role of new technology in the shoes of the success of 'reverse alyktruyntg' name has been. It has been added in conjunction with an electric kndkr nynuflm a liquid surface. 

The bulbar has developed a tool called. There are no active part in the bulbar saw two straight plates and the liquid is filled between them. 

The bottom plate is the small hole in the gas pressure inside the bubble forms. It crashed through the plate are torn up Bubbles flowers. The process liquid is flowing back and forth and it makes electricity.

It is a power that can charge mobile phones and iPad, but also can be used for electricity in remote areas. Now experts have been shown to have a start-up company whose shoes practical aspect of a video.

5 New technologies for faster and better Internet

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5 New technologies for faster and better Internet

Internet present is one of the most important innovation, however, is the only access to 40 percent of people worldwide.

The Internet is becoming vital to everyday life at a time, on the other hand seems to bring out innovative new technologies to connect the Internet to the whole world that is better than that and help provide faster service.

Facebook internet drone Solar Power

Expressing the desire to connect founder Mark Zuckerberg always the whole book from the Internet and their company for this purpose has prepared a large drones that will help internet access in different parts of the world.

Facebook Connectivity Lab is designed to drones propelled by solar energy, which as a Boeing 747 and was the first test flight in June 2016 which called akyuyla, the Internet technology was not part of it but it was a great success, the flight lasted 96 minutes. The company expects that the next stage will be to ensure the provision of Internet access in remote regions of the world through energy-saving drones laser beam.

MIT 330% faster Wi-Fi 

A few months ago at MIT's computer science and artificial intelligence lab's existing Wi-Fi 330% was announced faster wireless Internet system which band udth to 2 times higher than the current technology, it called Mega March Mo 2.0 several transmitters in the technology used for the uninterrupted flow of data. MIT's technology is currently in the process of preparing and soon users will be used to deliver better and faster Internet.

Wi-Fi is nothing to get WiFi

Fi technology which will bring him to a hundred times faster than the present WiFi Internet speed. A French company aulydkum works on de wireless Internet technology that El who is on that too rapidly, the Internet during the test in this regard in the laboratory running at a speed of 224 GB per second success was achieved when the company developed the LED light data rapidly through the bulbus is transmitted at a speed of 200 gigabits per second. The idea of ​​the speed that is to be applied in the twinkling of an eye you can download within 23 DVD movies.

Google Project Loan

Which Google launched a project loan from Facebook drone program is supported by balloons for the provision of Internet Use for Internet delivery balloon Africa and southern rural areas of West Asia flying at extreme height are made. This project is being spread to different areas and expect that Google will be able to get the support of the Internet around the world.

Samsung's satellite project

South Korean company had submitted in the Samsung World will use satellites for which is working on a major project of Internet delivery, the company in 2015 proposed 4600 satellites for a global network, the earth's orbit I would rotate every month deliver a zeta byte from the ground, a significant increase in Internet speed to do so, according to the company.

10 years to change the smartphone world...

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10 years to change the smartphone world...

The device was introduced on January 9, 2007, which changed the world and today is his 10th birthday being celebrated.

What is your evaluation of this device is that it can feel like the world today, most people wishing to get it?

The iPhone, which is also the world's first commercial multi-touch screen phone.

A decade ago, introduced when Steve Jobs said the iPhone today in San Francisco it was very expensive, the experience I was not, but the people were accustomed to the physical keyboard, this device was deprived of her , there was a thought that this device would change the world.

Then the phone was considered modern and Black Berry which was given access to email and the Internet, and many companies thought they would be unable Apple's smartphone, but they proved to be historic.

Its success led to today's abundance of smart phones worldwide and still come in 11 versions, which is why the iPhone is also a cultural icon.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in his message on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the iPhone's contacts, recreation, and has changed the way of life, the iPhone has set the standard for mobile computing in the first decade if this is the beginning, the iPhone is yet to come.

Apple said the device is designed in every passing year, and the difference is clear from the photo below.

The iflix introduced in Pakistan...

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The iflix introduced in Pakistan...

Are your smartphone at Rs 300 per month, a laptop, you want to watch movies and play on your choice of desktop computer or television?

If so, Malaysia belonging to the flex video -on-demand platform is best for you that has been introduced in Pakistan.

It is usually called Southeast Asia Net Flex, which promise to provide unlimited movies, plays or other programs for Pakistani rupees per month for three users.

Users are free to use it for a month before the payment Want to try this service.

Credit card information for the thirty-day free sign-up required to provide.

Each member will be able to movies or other shows users the Flex five devices.

From the Flex app help which is available in Apple's App Store and Google Play Store, users can watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Flex Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, the company is keeping people based on Malay Businessmen and Holly Hollywood kept together.

Aware of the heart attack to the electric sensor developed...

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Aware of the heart attack to the electric sensor developed...

Heart disease deaths biggest reason that so much more than all forms of cancer deaths worldwide. But immediately identified as the stroke remains a challenge until now. 

But there are certain chemicals in the blood of heart attack are identified to be detected the deadly attack.

Manchester School of Materials scientists have been India's Institute of Nano Science and Technology (NS times has a sensor on nynupymany the cooperation of T), which consists of black phosphorus and laid a layer of DNA that Is. 

The heart is stuck back in mayuglubn is a chemical that destroys DNA and become its hallmark.

It is sensitive, rapid and accurate method of measuring sensor stroke. Experts have estimated the magnitude of the amount of incoming tour mayuglubn sensor. 

According to experts, this sensor is generally provided by the clinic may help prevent heart condition known in the lives of a large number of people arriving there.

Scientists say it is a revolutionary sensor becomes important, and it will be possible to save people after a deadly heart attack because it is easier after treatment identified.

Medicines reach their destination in the human body, the first of a nano fish,

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Medicines reach their destination in the human body, the first of a nano fish, 

San Diego, US scientists developed the smallest, nano fish in the world to deliver the drug to the desired location of the body, which is 100 times too short a speck of sand.

Scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles who made it can be used for medical purposes.

Produced by zinc and gold and silver in the commodities that have been folded. Gold particles are of rudders and tail, floating fish. Its length is 800 nano-meters. The pieces that will be equal to one billion meters of nynumytryany arbuan part of a meter.

See floating fish made it real. Magnetic particles of zinc when it is inserted shake the field when the fish move to the other side, the fish are moving head and tail that moves. Abuse and lack of magnetic field orientation can be changed to control the direction and speed of the fish.

The swimmers are many experts prepared nnyu goods like fish and it is one of those inventions. It is to be delivered to the desired location and enter the body through a syringe filled with medicine.

Refrigerators binding on the waist to keep vaccines cool...

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Refrigerators binding on the waist to keep vaccines cool...

London: The biggest obstacle in delivering vaccines in backward and remote areas is the lack of a system to cool them but can be worn on the waist, a British engineer, took a refrigerator and thus can 
save thousands of lives of millions .

It has been named as 22-year-old engineer at the University of London Borough Take the 'aysubar' cooling systems. Engineer can be loaded on the back of the refrigerator and the vaccine will be possible to save the required temperature hurting them bad. 

Before the Project Engineer of China, Vietnam and visited Kampuchea and then to find out their problems with the medical staff learned that the chilling effect the 'cold chain' becomes corrupted 

vaccine from breaking because everywhere electricity and refrigerators in no.

So go into the mouths of millions of children die annually throughout the world and their lives can be saved with proper vaccinations.

The engineer then the cool temperature of the refrigerator temperature is 8 degrees 2 and the cold is highly suitable for uykysyn. Once an hour is valid for 6 days to charge small refrigerators. It can charge electricity and propane gas. Now they are making it more models.

Hand mobile phone maker, Modern Stripe '' Ready...

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Hand mobile phone maker, Modern Stripe 

'' Ready...

Seoul, Korea: Korean experts have developed a belt that can make the mobile phone into your hands headphones index finger.

The name of the signal has been Signl. Which causes the body to absorb sound waves, and they can use the phone to his hand. Signal Company has already laid the foundation of the tip of South Korea 3 people talk who worked at Samsung before 2015.

The phone and the Bluetooth device attached to a Smart Watch (such as Samsung and waves of sound through the straps take on Apple, etc.) sends your fingers and hands and I think I've become your fingertips speaker when the straps Mike was sent forth your voice. 

Its creators say that sometimes we have made to not want anyone to hear our conversation and signal the same goal.

He said company officials to develop that SmartWatch wear those little talk because everyone can hear their conversation, but it magically strip is offering a cost effective solution wear the same hands it the future could hear the sound.

This signal is the key technology of the watch strap 2. There is an actuator that produces vibrations in the body. The second item is an algorithm to increase the sound signal system that enables hearing. 

The company said that its battery can be charged from the USB port when the US is 4 and a half hours of effective communication.

Powerful metal claw weighing up to 20 kg up to the US...

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Powerful metal claw weighing up to 20 kg up to the US...

TOKYO: Japanese company equipment to help the beaches and the sea, has an interesting missile to transport from place to place, which were planted 2 pairs of iron penchant from one location to firmly grip any item you can reach second place.

6 petals of the drone prudrun company has made. The drones can fly very fast 30 minutes and reached a total of 20 kg from one place to another place in their bonds. It has been developed to throw a life jacket carries toxins and oceans.

Drone PDF 6 BA W AR M's chairs, lifeguard and other relief goods tips easily. The drone can travel 37 miles or 50 kilometers per hour speed in all weather conditions. It shows that the video could be used in high places and waters. The advanced algorithm of weight prevents destabilize Pakistan.

It can also cut off the cable, switch risky environment and other vital functions. To fly at a height of more than 5 meters is built on the drone specific purposes.

Robot arrested in Russia...

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Robot arrested in Russia...

Moscow: Russian police arrest a political rally when the robot before the robot is wrong phylacka lives and routines.

This robot was collecting public opinion in the meeting of Russian parliamentary candidate Valery Kalash, who was engaged in political purposes. 

Meanwhile, in June when the robot was one out away from the experience of Perm city and was wandering the streets that had traffic jams in several places.

Police arrested him robots underground train station. According to the Facebook video is encircled robots few people have tried to handcuff the robots which are 2 police officers. 

In the video, a man asked the police would be put in jail you really robots? If not answered at that! We are trying to remove from the metro station.

When police arrested prumubut he was running a political campaign in favor of Russian politician Valery Kalash. The candidates who are attracted to robots and why they have chosen this for your campaign.

Stars turn those who believe in the stars, NASA...

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Stars turn those who believe in the stars, NASA...

Karachi: The American space research agency NASA has made it clear that he has a thirteenth Sky Bridge is not announced as well, once again warned of a day at the dates of the heavenly Zodiac soothsayers astrology the difference is not plateaued for about a month.

Knowledge that has been described predefined release NASA has not released an announcement about a thirteenth constellation and told her, "Space Place" published article recently on the website. astrology nothing to do with astronomy.

I wrote to the thirteenth mock tower, aufyuks' was the name of (Ophiuchus) media refer to as abuse of this article said the news came as though NASA has been adding a tower to support the astrologers .
Including the first serious institutions and international aystrunumykl Association of Space Research (AU), astronomers organizations had identified errors in the calculation of several astrologers and based on astrology that btacky the data talks about the towers is almost 3 year old and a bridge during this period comes a month difference around in the days of departure and arrival of the sun and the gap of 20 minutes 22 seconds per year is going.

For example, if we Capricorn (kyprykurn) talk about the knowledge of astrology in the sun lasts from December 22 to January 20, the relationship of people born during these dates from the Parental Bridge. Instead, it is imposed under careful astronomical and scientific calculation shows that the constellations the sun from 20 January to 16 February Parental.
The Aquarius (aykuyryys) period has been 21 instead of January 16 February 19 February to 11 March.

Pisces (paysz) period has been 11 instead of 20 to 20 March to 18 April.

Aries (ayryys) period has been 21 March 20 April 18 May 13 instead.

Taurus (tars) the period 21 April to 21 May, instead, has been held from May 13 to June 21.

Gemini (Gemini) period has until May 22 to June 21 instead of June 21 to July 20.

Cancer (cancer) has been the period of June 22 to July 20 and July 23 to August 10.

Leo (Leo) period has been 10 August instead of July 24 to August 23 to September 16.

Virgo (sections) have been the period of September 16 to 24 Aug 23 Sep 30 Oct.

Libra (Libra), the duration has been 23 instead of September 24 to November 23 October 30 October.

Scorpio (Scorpio) in the period from October 24 to November 22 November 23 December 17

Sagittarius (Seiji tyryys) period has until November 23 to December 21 instead of December 17 to January 20.

The knowledge that the odds of two stars (aystrulujy) and astronomy (aystrunumy) When most people think the same.

Astronomy is a science department in scientific studies of celestial bodies in accordance with the laws of nature. On the contrary, astrology, experts (astrologer) and predicts future moves people watching the stars.

 It will be read with interest the so-called astrology is the common enemy of both religion and the world. (The intensity of knowledge including astronomy) studies condemns unseen, astronomers have been wrong so vigorously for the astrologers.

Pakistan, Mr. Shamim of a few years ago, Astrology: Fact and fiction was' title published a research book (also in e-book format) in which readers from misunderstanding several wrong about will have the opportunity to.