Wireless Charging in iPhone


Wireless Charging in iPhone

San Francisco: California start-up company, aynrgus' Midrange is working on a wireless charging system that can charge any device located within 15 feet and is believed to be working for the firm Apple.

Technology analyst saying for months that may revolutionize the iPhone with curved corners of the screen and other amazing features included that aynrgus and the new iPhone is also important agreement between Apple can lead to changes.

The aynrgus are also working with Apple co pygatran semiconductor and communications companies.

Next year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and Apple wants it surprised the world once again. The bank may also be curved with a display of glass and home button will be made part of the touch screen.

Wireless charging full glass would be possible through the casing.

It is generally expected to set a new and pleasant change in the next iPhone that plastic and LED screens, Doyle III-D camera lens and the white set is expected.


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