Viber introduced some great features for users


Viber introduced some great features for users

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger app Viber competitors as a new video other videos from the app via SMS feature which has made the introduction will send just one click.

This feature has been introduced in the new version of the app includes chat chat aykstysnz that can be considered a protected alternative.

Through these extensions, users will be able to get information from the services outside the app.

Initially Giphy In this regard, Wikipedia has taken us six apps, including movie database.

The Viber These features have been introduced in iOS updates iOS and Android apps.

Viber has 86 million registered users worldwide and this app WhatsApp and is searching for new ways to grow than other messaging services

In today's world, people are sending video messages via Messenger, WhatsApp and other apps that are not sent to the principle of the old MMS estimates that, but it is free.

This video messages Viber expect them to be different from others because it has direct access to the messaging screen shape standalone service.

So it will be able to send messages Viber simply by pressing a button and have different measures in other apps.


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