This year 2016 will be one second longer


This year 2016 will be one second longer

Well, when in fact it will not be a minute a minute? If the answer is December 31, 2016 at 23:59 minutes in the Green Man Time (GMT) when over one minute, 61 seconds worldwide.

This unique event is called leap second this year and the highlight is the 29 February 2016, the Air laptops.

The reason is to combine the right time clocks to tell the rotation of the Earth, which is affected by the gravity of the moon and the sun.

However, for watchmaking experts it is extra important and moving second iteration of its importance.

However, it is clear that you take account of the leap second will not need to upgrade your old clocks, it is important for a super atomic clocks that mechanisms frequency.

1972 has been increased to 26 times the leap second and last time this happened was June 30, 2015.


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