The world's most powerful smartphone battery


The world's most powerful smartphone battery

In This Phone You Can Watch Videos About 32 Hours 

Who would not like to have a smartphone, a company that operates several times a day, week after being charged? China has developed a device that will hold the slahyt.

Gavin (Gionee) M 2017 (M2017), a Smartphone is the world's most powerful battery-powered device.

Is the 7000 mAh battery of the phone while the two nowadays, most phones have no more than three thousand mAh battery, but also stronger than most tablets, 

the Chinese mobile battery battery.

The company claims that the phone continues to be seen up to 32 hours video and 26 hours in normal use, this phone could last a week.

This phone snap dragonflies there are 653 processors and six GB RAM.

It is indeed a luxury phone that currently China is limited, but may be offered for sale in other countries in the near future, which may have originated from nearby neighbors.

The edge-to-HD screen boasts technology that is similar to Samsung Galaxy S seam edge when there are 12 and 13 megapixels Rear camera with 2x optical zoom has been like iPhone seam.

Back camera phone Gold plate and made the All Gold Subscriptions icon, the fingerprint reader has also been given 128 and 256 GB of storage.

This phone is almost the price of one thousand dollars (one million) but considering the battery power is very appropriate.


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