The material is designed to withstand high temperatures.


The material is designed to withstand 

high temperatures.

London: Imperial College London scientists have invented a material to withstand the highest temperature so far.

Scientists from Imperial College London's Department of Materials research. Sophisticated aircraft Mac 5 (ie 5 times the speed of sound) becomes very hot. 

Although these substances may take place outside metal but can be laid on a layer of a spacecraft to leave the Earth's atmosphere, or save it to warm them at high speed. The devices also can be made from materials that can carry out their work in the heat.This material 4 thousand degrees centigrade high temperature melt and were not prepared to match two rare minerals.

It will pave the way for the modernization of the equipment and ship through space to work in extreme temperatures.The mixed material is made from tantalum carbide (TaC) and hafnyym carbide (HfC). 

These days the mineral ceramics which have the ability to tolerate heat therefore made devices reactors would be used for the tropical environment and the spacecraft being sent into distant space. 

The interesting thing is that so far no reliable test could not detect the material being tested.The outer surface of rapid air jhazaurklayy ship becomes too hot and new material to devour save space in this state. 

Experts from both the 3 mjmuaytyar minerals and try to thaw them with a laser. This is the first serious effort to use tantalum carbide and carbide hafnyym in the last 50 years. This research has found that both of them in a mixture of the minerals which can now match the known temperature of the lake in any matter.

Experts tried separately and melt mixed with tantalum carbide and carbide hafnyym and note the melting rate. I think that made the mixture is melted at 3905 ° C and it is a guess because there are signs pointing the note before the meltdown.


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