The large number of jellyfish in oceans


The large number of jellyfish in oceans

International Institute for Conservation (WWF) Pakistani officials say the huge number of jellyfish in the sea near Ormara and Karachi has seen what was never seen before.

Because jellyfish are growing concerned local fishermen hard numbers when they go fishing in the sea to fish, instead of selling the jellyfish are caught in their net.

Such numbers are estimated ignorance of WWF Pakistan Pakistan's marine environment was evident from the statement noted that the jellyfish are very rarely seen in the sea. Although marine life in Pakistani waters (marine life) 

assessments of the already known fact that the most vulnerable to the fish and the fish as a result of climate change have been greatly reduced, while the opposite Jelly Fish the number is constantly growing, which is a serious threat to the marine environment.

Marine life experts will halt the ban on fishing with small nets and large ships that have been constantly warned Pakistan's oceans over the past 20 years or even local fishermen fish will be eliminated and business.

The various foreign companies are widely allowed to reign in Pakistan's territorial waters, the fishing of large ships being used fine nets for the purpose of killing caught the fish small child.


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