The easiest way to clean up storage on Android phones


The easiest way to clean up storage on 

Android phones

What will happen if you take thousands of photos in the library of the years and helped make videos of songs but is now closer to the phone storage?

Indeed, the storage capacity Android phones vary in each model are also some options that allow you fnz in data management or help them cleared.

Samsung Galaxy S seam or storage can be expanded via the SD card in a few other Android phones that is not possible to save files and media on the device can be placed.

But every Android phone is not an option and is not SD card slot in your phone, or if you want to increase the capacity of the card a few things in the process.

There are two effective ways for this.

If these apps are not deleted, but they used to be, thanks to the phone updates are a burden on storage while they are occupying valuable space on the phone

Use the photos and videos you want to keep but do not want to save their photos or Dropbox for cloud services such as Google.

In fact, Google Photos gives you the convenience of automatic keep your media files stored on your bus pass it on to you.


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