The 10 places where the most lightning


The 10 places where the most lightning

Washington: According to the study, only one square kilometer years of a lake myrasaybu Venezuela 230 times 

lightning why experts are annually 297 Storm over the lake because we refuse to drive the boat in the middle of 

the lake and 230 times the power thunder when the track list includes the area of Bannu district in Pakistan.

Tropical rain fall is myxrng missions several times a year where power has created a list of the most heavenly 

lightning key locations around the world by satellite thunder including this area.

1: Lake myrasaybu, 232 times a year in Venezuela where lightning.

2: 205 cases of lightning in the annual kybyra African Congo region.

3 incidents of lightning 176 times in kampyn an area of ​​Congo.

4: sysyrs, 172 times annually in Colombia lightning.

5: Another area where Congo SEK 144 times the power is bright.

6 incident in Bannu district of Pakistan's lightning 143 times a town road.

7: Colombia Region L Tara occurred 138 cases of lightning.

8: nguty, more than 129 times the lightning struck in Cameroon.

9. Section 129.5 of the Congo byutymbu lightning activity was recorded.

10: byundy Congo is 127 times lightning.

4 places that are different from area to area Congo in this list are included in the list. According to satellite data meteorologist Tropical rain does fall myxrng As satellite mission around the earth is capable of lightning and thunder note on a specific location 3 times in 3 days. The satellite Most of lightning activity in the lake are at myrasaybu.

Experts heavenly lightning thundering events is too small an area where the temperature is high in these areas. 

Sides of the lake, scientists are continuing regarding the Andes mountains, in the lake and the area around it is heated very quickly and the winds coming from the lake and the valley are born this storm when reaching the mountains and lightning begins. In September, it is a bright blue lightning Lake intervals.


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