Powered battery accidentally Up 400 years


Powered battery accidentally Up 400 years

A student who accidentally has a battery that can be prepared, for up to four years.

It was almost as accidental invention is put to the scientists stunned the world.

Maya Lee Thai PhD student University of California and they are trying to improve the design of the nano wires rechargeable batteries.

Awesome nano wires are present on the surface alyktrunz but because the conductors are very fragile and are removed after a few charge.

The same thing was Maya Lee Thai and research fellow and were down Embed the electric wires made of gold nano prison.

During this experience, he has surprising discovery of a battery of three months to two of the million charge cycles doing just fine and researcher battery can give a general Smartphone or laptop to power up to 400 years.

Said the head of the Chemistry Faculty of the University of California Reynard pynnyr this astonishing, as battery 

performance in five or six thousand charging cycles usually fall more than seven thousand charge would be enough for him are.

Scientists still can not make prison life battery and a super combined gold virus but because gold is a very expensive metal, so researchers want to try other alternative blocks before the battery in the market.

Now this can not be said always driven this long-lasting battery will be able to use the first test but quite impressive.


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