Poke'Mon Go , now available in Pakistan


Poke'Mon Go , now available in Pakistan

The was some talk of mobile apps, Poke'Mon Go "game in the world and everyone was suffering from fever, but Pakistan 

had to face this disappointment, he found them know that this game app available for them. do not have.

But now the wait is over and Pakistani consumers can enjoy the download even though Poke'Mon Go"Google Play Store.

Although many technology experts have been downloaded from alternative sources, but it is certainly good news all 

Pakistani consumers who are not familiar with these procedures.

However, note that this app 86 MB space is surrounded, so I must be mobile enough space for it.

About Poke'Mon Go

"Moon poky though I have to find customers Monsters (call) the real places of the world.

Monsters that you see on actual locations around and when you take them then you have to mqabh from other players 

who play the game by training them.

Take care of security!

"I Poke'Mon Go 'must play, but take care of your security and others.

In different countries of the world in recent days has been calling many accidents in playing this game.


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